Through the preservation of history and local culture, the Museum seeks to instill pride in the past, reaffirm the quality of life in the present, and promote growth in the future.  The Collingsworth County Museum seeks to preserve the heritage and arts of this unique area of the eastern Texas Panhandle for future generations.

Chartered in 1971 our Collingsworth County Museum, like most good beginnings, was not reached without the dreams, plans and work of many groups and individuals.

The museum’s first home was at 1404 15th Street in the Tyler Building.  Today that facility houses agricultural and ranch exhibits and is open by appointment only. Our main collection is located on the square in Wellington.  Three historic buildings, formerly the Pruden Drug and the Sullivan Hardware and Furniture Stores, were donated for the growing collection. Located in the old Pruden building, the Art Center features the current work of local artists, as well as special exhibits.  At other times, paintings from the Museum’s Collection are on exhibit.

For more information on the Collingsworth County Museum you can visit 824 East Avenue in Wellington, email, or call 806-447-5327.

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