Collingsworth County Livestock Show

2017   Exhibitors

Approximately 50 Collingsworth County 4-H and FFA youth learn life skills by participating in the Collingsworth County Livestock Show held in January of each year. Youth participate by showing cattle, swine, goats, lambs, and rabbits. These youth purchase and raise their projects throughout the year. They not only learn how to show their animals, but learn the importance of responsibility in caring for their animals daily. Youth learn about the nutrition an animal needs for maintenance and growth, vet science skills needed for doctoring sick animals, and general barn care and maintenance to keep the animals healthy.

Youth experience the daily washing and grooming of animals to prepare them for show, they take pride in their showmanship skills. 4-H and FFA members also practice teamwork and leadership skills by helping other youth with their animals. Livestock projects are a family affair, kids and parents spend quality time together while meeting other families involved in the same activities. For more information on 4-H in Collingsworth County call 806-447-2313.

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