Miss Wellington

MISS WELLINGTON 2017 - Miss Cameron Warren

Miss Wellington 2017 Top 5 Contestants

The Miss Wellington Pageant was first held in 1953,crowning Tanya Smith as the first Miss Wellington.  The pageant has been an annual event for the past 63 years.

In 2005 the former "Miss Wellingtons", through annual donations, began the Miss Wellington scholarship, awarding a scholarship to Miss Wellington.  Jordon Langford was the first recipient of this scholarship.  The organization has received annual complimentary gifts in the form of cash, gift certificates and an array of very special gifts from our area merchants and churches which are given to the Top Five contestants.

The organization was given responsibility for the production of the pageant in 2009.  Since that time they have doubled the scholarship to Miss Wellington, included scholarships to the other top five contestants.

In 2017, Miss Wellington, Cameron Warren, was awarded a $1000.00 scholarship, Lorena Granados $300, Emma Jones $250, Kimber Bawcom $200, and Myka Kelch $150.     







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